Chewy Pong

Today… on Magnificent Mondays! We will look at ways for CHE PCVs to collaborate with ETTT PCVs at their schools, villages, communities, or really anywhere for that matter.

Chewy-Pong-CoverThis was conceptualized during the K5 PST after the EFC made easy was introduced. We thought that if ETTTers have a guide for teaching using simple lesson plans, then why can’t CHErs.

Chewy Pong is a reference written by PCVs for PCVs to be utilized at their health centers and in their communities. The purpose of Chewy Pong is to provide information specific to Cambodian health centers and to help PCVs build rapport, trust, and capacity in their health centers. It uses very simple vocabulary and does not require a PCV to have a health background. In addition, components of Chewy Pong correspond with the CHE project framework, enabling PCVs to help at the health center and fulfill their program’s objectives at the same time.

ChewyPongAntChewy Pong is designed for all PCVs, but especially those without any health background. It is designed with the help of people that do have health backgrounds to provide PCVs with basic information that will enable them to help at their health center in a more hands-on manner. If you don’t have a health background, don’t worry! All you need is enthusiasm to do your job, a willingness to learn, and Chewy Pong.

These user friendly lessons were designed to take a volunteer with essentially a zero health background and give them resources to work in communities, schools, and health centers. These simple lessons can also be used in classrooms with your students if you are trying to build up a health club or want to add a unique twist to one of your lessons (with your directors permission of course).

A brief summary of this guide/resource tool with not do this justice and I encourage you to look at this tool from cover to cover.

Special thanks to all of the PCVs who put work into this including Rich, Amanda, Greg, Evan (K5), Erik (K5), Laura, and my good friend Samnang Hg who is responsible for the K5s language skills.

We really enjoyed working on this and hope you find this tool useful as you work in your communities.

Download your PDF Copy of Chewy Pong Here.

PS – Please let me know if you are interested in receiving a hard copy.

PSS – It’s also translated into Khmer… no big deal.


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