Art Olympics

What? The Art Olympics is a project for both primary and secondary students, run by Peace Corps volunteers. We aim to provide a basic visual arts education to students through local art clubs. The 3rd Annual Art Olympics Project will provide volunteers with a basic visual-arts curriculum, art materials, and more!


How? Participating schools will develop visual arts clubs early in the school year, for which volunteers will follow the provided visual art curriculum, then students will create an original piece of artwork for the Art Olympics Drawing Competition. These artworks will be exhibited in a Juried Show, in which students, counterparts, and volunteers will vote. Winner’s artworks will be exhibited in the traveling art show, and will join with their counterparts for an Artsy Educational Prize Weekend in one of the major cities of Cambodia!

Where? Art clubs will take place at individual volunteer sites. The Juried Art Olympics Show will take place at the Create Cambodia Arts Festival in Kandal Province. Volunteers in each province will collaborate and plan the schedule for their province’s local school, traveling art shows. The winner’s prize weekend location will likely take place in May, and the location will be announced at a later date.


When? Art Olympics Activities usually take place throughout the school year.
The Art Olympics Project’s suggested timeline:
October: Initiate Arts Club Meetings and develop membership
November: Art Curriculum & Arts Materials are distributed.
February: Art Olympics Drawing Competition—Prompts distributed.
March: Students’ Original Artwork due, Juried Show in late March.
April-June: Traveling Art Show
May: Winners’ Prize Weekend Activities

Why? The Art Olympics Project is a great way to enhance individualized learning skills, critical thinking, and to provide a basic visual art education to students who are without such programming via Cambodian public schools. Also, the winning students receive an opportunity to learn from professional artists in major Cambodian city, and observe Cambodian cultural locations. Also, training teachers about teaching creativity and visual arts introduces them to many new learning activities and teaching practices that they could transfer to other subject areas.

Art Olympics Toolkit CoverDownload the Art Olympics Toolkit here which contains complete information about the project and a whole lot of Art Class

Please e-mail Megan Coward,, if you are interested in this project.



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